Make some room in your beauty cabinet for Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Cure One-Month Youth and Face Treatment Oil, an anti-ageing duo that has the cosmetic world buzzing thanks to it’s use of Ouessant honey and Royal Jelly, sourced from an exclusive bee hive in France.

Royal Jelly, which is derived from the substance fed to the Queen bee, is slowly released into the One-Month Youth Treatment, through little beads, to reinforce age repair systems and help fight against any loss of radiance. Light enough to prep skin before you apply your make-up, yet powerful enough to use as a heavy-duty night cream, it really is the bee’s knees.


Completing the skin-rejuvenating duo is the Face Treatment Oil containing exclusive Ouessant Honey. Compared to other honeys, this range is exceptionally rich in amino acids, which are major components in keratin and collagen, chemicals responsible for maintaining the skin’s resistance and firmness.

Abeille Royale Youth Cure 1-Month Youth Treatment Dhs1,175 | Abeille Royale Face Treatment Oil Dhs443

Guerlain is available at The Dubai Mall