When it comes to self-care, ensuring you feed your skin with high-quality ingredients can go a long way.

By connecting bees with a natural skincare formula, Guerlain has created a groundbreaking range of products to work the skin from the core since 1828.

To understand more, Emirates Woman spoke to Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s International Artistic Director, on protecting the brand’s heritage through clarity of vision.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

When I wake up in the morning, I usually do some stretching and try to bring positivity to my day by being grateful for what I have. I never stop thinking about my projects even at night, so I like to write my thoughts in a notebook every morning. Then I drink a cup of green tea, wash my face with clear water, and massage it as I was taught by Guerlain beauty coaches to sculpt my face. I take a shower perfumed with the Herbes Troublantes soap which is still in development, and a touch of my favourite perfume l’Heure Bleue, which is a true second skin to me, and I immediately feel stronger than ever.

Guerlain Ann-Corline Prezan

How have your previous roles prepared you for your current role at Guerlain?

When I was working at Balenciaga, I got passionate about the story of its founder Cristobal Balenciaga, I read everything I could about his life, and most importantly, I spent as much time as possible with Mrs. Marie-Andrée Jouve, Head of Archives at Balenciaga at the time. When I joined Guerlain, I immersed myself in the breathtaking history of the house and its extraordinary legacy. Fragrances are my entire career, I have cherished them throughout my life, surrounded by marvellous people who taught me a lot, including members of the Guerlain family. I have always been deeply passionate about beauty. One of my daughters is currently studying ceramics at the Ecole Duperré, after a programme at the prestigious Ecole Boulle as arts and crafts runs deeply in my family’s blood.

I also studied Art History for a long time and spent most of my free time in art galleries, museums, and exhibitions around the world, like the TEFAF in Maastricht and Art Basel. I feel extremely lucky to live right in front of the Centre Pompidou which I visit at least once a week. Everything in my life prepared me for my current role. Being head of culture and heritage requires a permanent curiosity for contemporary art and the ability to seize every enriching meeting opportunity possible.

What lies at the heart & DNA of Guerlain?

At the heart of the house, there’s a strong family history of brilliant creators who composed some of the most iconic scents of their generations. Guerlain is deeply committed to excellence and luxury. Each ingredient is chosen with great care by experts, each fragrance defines its own time. Guerlain means almost 200 years of creative audacity and passion for art and is known for frequently collaborating with highly-talented artists across the world. Guerlain’s DNA is also its deep commitment to nature and the bee, it’s a sentinel.

Can you tell us about your daily skincare routine?

My skincare routine is extremely important, it helps me reconnect with myself and prepare for the day. First, I clean my face with cold water to tone the skin in a natural way. I also use Créaline H20 to soothe my face. Then, I apply my favourite Guerlain products, the Orchidée Impériale micro-lift Serum and Light Cream, as well as the Black Orchid eye contour cream. This combination of products is wonderful, it detoxifies the skin in-depth and gives an intense sensation of lightness. At night, I use the Abeille Royale skincare collection using BlackBee Repair technology, which accelerates the skin’s repair process and increases its firmness. As a final touch, I apply my beloved Double R anti-ageing and lifting serum. Finally, when I travel, I use the wonderful Super Aqua mask or the incredible Honey Cataplasm Mask to avoid dryness and revitalize the skin.

Guerlain lab

Guerlain is laser-focused on natural ingredients. Has this been the focus since the brand was founded?

Indeed, Guerlain is focused on natural ingredients since the beginning, today more than ever. The Guerlain family has always deeply loved and respected nature. From the creation of the house, sustainability is key, whether through choosing natural ingredients or eco-friendly innovations, such as the creation of the Ne M’oubliez Pas refillable rouge à lèvres in 1870 for the first time in history. The magical appeal of Guerlain fragrances is based on the rigorous selection of raw materials and exquisite oils from all over the globe. In its early years, Guerlain was one of the companies that filed the most patents in France. Innovation is an integral part of its purpose as a brand. Nowadays, Guerlain owes much of its success to nature and especially to the bee and the immense quality of the products it provides. Guerlain is committed to protecting bees at every level, notably through the ‘Guerlain for Bees Conservation Program.’ Our new 2022 Aqua Allegoria collection is the embodiment of Guerlain’s everlasting commitment: its perfumes are composed of up to 95% ingredients of natural origin, contained in refillable recyclable bottles and formulated with organic alcohol. The brand is known for its beekeeping history.

Can you expand on the importance of this and how it supports achieving flawlessly clear skin?

The history behind Guerlain and its connection with bees dates back to 1853 when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain became the official perfumer of the imperial court thanks to the Eau de Cologne Impériale, dedicated to Empress Eugenie, contained in the iconic Bee Bottle. Thanks to the healing and therapeutic benefits of their honey, bees have kept inspiring numerous legendary products of the House, such as the Abeille Royale skincare collection, the Aqua Allegoria fragrances since 1999 and the new Kiss Kiss Bee glow lipsticks. In 2011, when the Abeille Royale collection was created, Guerlain searched for the purest honey possible and found it on Ouessant Island in Brittany, made from endemic black bees. On this occasion, the bee became even more than an emblem for the House, by becoming its sentinel and the symbol of its sustainable commitments. The protection of the bee has been a priority ever since, which translates into nine meaningful partnerships and initiatives. Among them, the Women for Bees programme in partnership with UNESCO, is a beekeeping entrepreneurship programme for women that aims to train new women beekeepers to increase bees’ protection. We have a strong beekeeping history at Guerlain, and we believe that if we need bees for the numerous virtues of their honey, bees need us to ensure their protection in return now that they’re endangered.

This is The Clarity Issue – what’s your key principle to maintaining a clear vision?

Nature has been our greatest source of inspiration since 1828 and remains more than ever at the heart of our concerns. Our vision is crystal clear, and I think Guerlain’s Raison d’Être speaks for itself: “In the name of Beauty, we act by elevating Nature to an Art and commit to passing on its wonders to future generations, with the Bee as sentinel.” We’ve been using honey since 1833 at Guerlain, and the House values more than anything the role of bees and their precious elixir. Without bees, there are no flowers, and without flowers, no planet. Our vision is focused on the protection of bees, sentinels of the environment, to protect the Earth. This is our vision for the centuries to come. Our key principle is to stay true to the DNA of Guerlain, promoting innovation, sustainability, wellness, and beauty.

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