An inspiring woman

Have you Googled something yesterday and spotted an illustration of a woman and wondered who she was? The search engine paid tribute to one of Egypt’s first female lawyers, Mufidah Abdul-Rahman.

Mufidah Abdul-Rahman

The Cairo-born lawyer was a strong supporter of gender equality in the country, and would’ve been 106 years-old yesterday. She was also the first woman to graduate from Cairo University’s law school.

During her career, she co-founded the National Feminist Party, an organisation that fights for universal suffrage in Egypt, and was also recruited into the women’s rights group Bint Al-Nil (Daughter of the Nile).

Mufidah Abdul-Rahman

Not only that, but during her time practicing law she defended over 400 legal disputes and became a member of the Egyptian Parliament. It’s no surprise that Google chose to honour her.

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Media: Google