They screamed, cried, fought each other and, in some cases, hyperventilated. It’s no wonder the The Beatles had an extensive entourage of bodyguards and security to ensure that teenaged girls were kept at arms length. There was, however, one 17-year-old girl who was allowed on the other side of the barriers. And, judging by this girl’s loyalty and refusal to partake in interviews about her time with the band, they made a good choice. Beatles Secretary and Fan Club Manager, Freda Kelly, has never spoken about her dazzling career. That is, until now.

In a new documentary out today entitled Good Ol’ Freda, which is what the boys used to call her, Freda opens up about her 10 years spent in The Beatles’ inner circle. And what an exciting 10 years it was. As one of the original fans she was with the band from the start – back when they played in a tiny bar in Liverpool and were known simply as ‘the lads’. She admits she had no idea why they chose her out of a city full of secretaries – “it was just fate,” she says.

One newspaper at the time referred to her as ‘The Most Coveted Girl In The World’, as she spent her days hanging out with the likes of John Lennon and Ringo Starr, attending gigs, and corresponding with super-fans. However, as Freda explains in the documentary, she took her role seriously, and would often stay up until the early hours of the morning responding to fan mail. From sending locks of John’s hair to making George sleep on a fan’s pillowcase, she tried her best to satisfy each and every request.


Good Ol’ Freda is being hailed as one of the last true and intimate stories of The Beatles. It certainly is an enthralling watch, but don’t expect Freda to offer up any juicy gossip. Never one to look for the limelight, she refuses to comment on whether she was romantically involved with any of the band members, or remark on Yoko Ono.

The secretary, who now works for a legal firm, says that her reasons for finally agreeing to talk were personal. Her son tragically passed away never hearing any of his mother’s tales about her life with the iconic band. She doesn’t what her grandchildren to miss out too. She’s adamant to let them know that she wasn’t always boring, and that she actually “did something with her life”. And that, good ol’ Freda certainly did.

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 Images: YouTube