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One of the trickiest parts of shopping for making online is making sure that the shade or colour suits you. After all, how can we know if a lipstick or foundation that we have never tried before would look good on us? In an effort to reduce the risk and make shopping for makeup online easier, Saudi beauty application Golden Scent is set to launch a feature that will change the beauty game in the region.

The Saudi Arabian E-commerce Beauty Platform is set to launch an “Augmented Reality” feature on its Android & iPhone app, which will allow users to try on makeup while shopping online. This Virtual Try-On feature introduced by Golden Scent will be the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Golden Scent

The Augmented Reality feature was inspired by the company’s belief that customers need to try products before actually purchasing them. The beauty platform is home to various makeup brands, which means that users will be able to make use of the virtual reality feature to experiment with hundreds of colours and products from the comfort of their home. No more going to the mall to try testers!



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“We are thrilled to introduce the Virtual Try-On feature within our Golden Scent app and we are confident that the beauty customer will enjoy, engage and appreciate a more immersive experience,” says Malik Al Shehab, Founder and CEO of Golden Scent.

Founded in 2014, Golden Scent is a Saudi beauty app that delivers premium brands to all of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates. In just five years, the app has managed to pull in more that 3 million downloads, thanks to their exclusive offers and round-the-clock orders. With the launch of this new feature, the beauty platform will cement their place as the ultimate go-to online retailer when it comes to makeup.

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