With fashion weeks becoming the most important time of the year, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes for the runway-ready look.

This year at Dubai Fashion Week, Dyson will be taking over the backstage to deliver a variety of hairstyles with the brand’s pioneering haircare technologies.

From the Dyson Airwrap to the Supersonic, the brand seamlessly meets the demands of high-pressure professional styling environments ensuring each muse feels their most confident self when walking down the runway.

All set to take place from March 10 to March 15, 2023, the first-ever Dubai fashion will dominate the sartorial industry in the region by ensuring the model’s hair health continues to remain at the forefront for all the brands showcasing.

To delve further into Dyson’s haircare technology, Emirates Woman spoke to the brand’s styling ambassador Deena Al Awaid on what’s in store for this season’s looks.

What are some of the catwalk-ready hair looks to expect this year?

Given current beauty trends, this year it’s all about undone and natural hair. We find that the girl on the runway is more relatable than ever, so nothing suits you better than natural undone waves (think natural volume), ponytails and any other everyday look you could achieve.


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Talk us through the process of prepping any hair before a show.

Preparation is key for any hair look in order to achieve a flawless end result. To be honest, it really depends on the look you’re going for, but I always tell clients/models to invest in their products during fashion season. I always advise on investing in a good shampoo, conditions, hair products and hair tools a few months in advance to ensure hair is in as healthy a condition as possible.

How do you ensure your hairstyles last longer, especially on the runway?

I’m all for a good prep and a finish. You want to make sure the products you’re using before drying the hair, are products that will help keep the shape you’re going for. Also add a finishing product that suits your final look — for example, if you want the hair to flow you’d use a soft hold hairspray whereas if you want the hair to be very structured and not move on the runway you’d use a strong hold hairspray.

How does Dyson help you innovate with different experimental looks?

For me, I don’t have time to switch devices and products between models so I need to use something that suits all hair types which is hard to find. However, Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer and are fully customisable styling tool designed to deliver a range of styles for different hair types, without extreme heat, meaning I can create multiple looks without worrying about the integrity of my model’s hair. Dyson’s haircare technologies feature intelligent heat control technology which intelligently controls the temperature to help protect hair from extreme heat damage, to help protect hair’s shine, which allows me to go from one extreme look to another without damaging the hair. The Supersonic hair dryer is very lightweight which is ideal for me as it allows me to work long hours without feeling the pain of it after.

With numerous fashion weeks, hair health is an important factor. How does Dyson manage to stay on top of this?

Dyson has consistently invested in pioneering technology for haircare. Six years ago, it revolutionised the hair care market with the launch of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer – which uses fast, controlled airflow and intelligent heat control to dry hair quickly, whilst keeping hair strong and healthy. Since then, Dyson has developed a range of styling tools engineered to provide superior styles for all hair types, limiting exposure to extreme heat damage. The performance of Dyson styling tools stems from a decade of research – from the hair’s structure to airflow dynamics while understanding the effect of thermal, mechanical and chemical damage. Dyson have recently committed to inventing half a billion GBP to expand and accelerate its research and technology development across its beauty portfolio, announcing plans to launch 20 new beauty products in the next four years – so we can look forward to the amazing new innovations that are yet to come.

What’s your secret to bouncy hair?

Two things – the first is using the right product, this can be from shampoos to mouse, to hair masks and hair drying tools and everything in between. The second is understanding how hair takes shape and using your hair dryer to help you (my favourite is the Dyson Supersonic). For example, you want to use heat on moist hair to create the shape and then switch to cool function for it to hold, if you do this whilst elevating the hair — you’re golden.

What’s your favourite Dyson hair tool and why?

I’m obsessed with my Dyson Supersonic hair dryer I could never live without it. I just love that it is powerful and fast, but that I can use it on all hair types, all clients, behind the chair, on set, or backstage with the reassurance that the intelligent heat controls will protect all hair from extreme heat damage. It’s very lightweight and easy to balance in my hand and most importantly I can still have a conversation with whoever is in my chair because it’s so quiet.

What other fashion weeks has Dyson created looks for from around the world?

Dyson created hairstyles backstage at all the biggest fashion weeks globally including London, Paris, New York and Milan. My very first fashion week actually, I worked alongside a Dyson ambassador Jon Reyman for New York Fashion Week, it was one of the best experiences in my career.


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How do you manage to work in a high-pressure environment such as backstage for any fashion show?

At the moment, when it’s so chaotic, all you focus on is the hair. It doesn’t matter who is in your chair or what’s going on around you — your goal is to create beautiful hair so you are zoned in on that. I also love being in the chaos of backstage life. You really vibe off the excitement and energy and it’s incredible seeing everyone create magic individually (hair, makeup, styling) and then watch it all come together in the end so perfectly. I love the hair so much, I think what we create for the runways is beautiful and to be able to showcase it to the world is an added bonus.

Is there a designer or show you’re particularly looking forward to this season?

It’s so hard to choose just one. I always get excited for some of the local designers to showcase their designs and gain recognition but then I was very excited to see some of the big global brands too.

Which Spring/Summer 2023 hair trends are here to say?

I feel like copper hair is having a moment and is here to stay for a little while longer. On-the-go hair trends such as ponytails and buns are always a favourite every season and big blowouts will always take centre stage on the runway.

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