It’s good to know where Dubai came from, and thanks to the Dubai Historical District, you can take part in their new heritage tour program in order to educate yourself.

Named the Tales From The Past, the unique Dubai city tour will take around some of old Dubai’s most historical and culturally rich areas, learning about Emirati tradition, heritage, trade and community.

To give you a taste of what’s on offer we embarked on the tour and picked our highlights… it’s time to explore,and fall in love, with the forgotten Dubai.

Bur Dubai

Al Fahidi Dubai History Tour

Al Fahidi Fort

The tour stops by Al Fahidi Fort, located in the heart of Bur Dubai. Inside you’ll find the Dubai Museum, which hosts exhibits revealing the general culture of the land, from its booming pearl diving trade to its bedouin past, giving a great glimpse into what life was like in the emirate before they discovered oil. 

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Al Fahidi

Dubai Heritage Village Dubai history tour

Dubai Heritage Village

This district showcases art from both UAE-based and Emirati artists, with studios a-plenty and resident artists happily milling about to tell the story of the heritage site’s history. At the Heritage Village there will also be recreations of the methods once used for trading and crafting before the emirate transformed into the modern metropolis it is today.

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Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Dubai History tour

Dubai Creek

The saltwater creek, which separates Deira and Bur Dubai, ends at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Khor Dubai is to see an addition of abras and abra stations along the creek, as well as light and sound productions to be projected onto the buildings on both sides. The light and sound shows will tell stories of historical significance about the UAE, as well as celebrating Emirati achievements.

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dubai history tour Sheikh Saeed home

Sheikh Saeed’s home

Here you’ll find one of the largest interactive museums in the region, alongside floating water exhibits housed in traditional Emirati pearling and trade boats. There’s an outdoor majliss, as well as a performance centre showcasing Emirati sea-faring songs and dances. You’ll get to interact with trained Emirati guides and craftsmen, who’ll be there to promote understanding of their various crafts.

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Spice Souk Dubai History Tour

Spice Souk

Diera is the oldest part of Dubai. It lies on the eastern side of the Creek and stretches down from its mouth to Garhoud and Dubai Festival City. Deira’s old watch towers and stores are set to be restored to revive the original, authentic feel of the area. The idea is that visitors will be able to learn about Dubai’s history through a series of installations and exhibits.