“My baby says he likes my sunspots”, the model said, most likely referring to Zayn Malik.

Gigi Hadid recently declared she doesn’t need Zayn Malik to follow her on Instagram to feel secure about their relationship – and she doesn’t need to wear makeup to impress him, either.

The 23-year-old model took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share a fresh-faced selfie video, which revealed a smattering of sunspots. The small brown spots are caused by exposure to the sun, and are common in those with light skin.

“My baby says he likes my sunspots, so,” Hadid captioned the video, in what appears to be a reference to Malik.

She added: “Mamma I wear sunblock I promise”.

Hadid and Malik announced they were parting ways in March. However, they have since been photographed together, sparking rumours they have rekindled their romance.

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The half Palestinian model only seem to confirm that earlier this month, when she responded to an Instagram post which suggested the pair’s relationship was not genuine.

“You guys can call it promo but I just post about my boyfriend like anyone else, whether I support Z or he supports me is out of love and excitement for one another. There’s nothing to figure out all the time… give it a break.”

The post used the fact Malik does not follow Hadid on Instagram as supposed “evidence” their relationship was fake.

Hadid retorted that she didn’t need Zayn to follow her, as he is virtually inactive on Instagram – and anyway, “my eyes are tattooed to his chest” (referring to Zayn’s actual tattoo of her eyes on his chest).

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