Can we have some food?

Ever questioned Gigi Hadid’s Palestinian roots? All you have to do is look at what some of her favourite foods are.

During a Twitter Q&A running under the hashtag #askgigi, the supermodel answered some of her fans questions, which included what her favourite Palestinian dish is, to which she replied: “Kibbeh w labneh and tabbouleh or just simple eggs and zaatar breakfast.”


Gigi’s revelation caused a stir on Twitter, as some fans pointed out that dishes like ‘tabbouleh’ are actually part of Lebanese cuisine, not Palestinian. However, the 24-year-old shot back, saying: “To every1 saying all of these foods are Lebanese only, My dad was born in Palestine in ‘48, where his family lived for many generations before that & ate these foods their entire lives. B4 borders & ownership of land, the region’s dishes & ingredients were always the same”

“I should also add that my family and I support many family owned Lebanese restaurants to enjoy the food we all love !!!!!”

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