Sometimes you just need your sister at your side.

We’ve all been there (though usually not in front of an audience). Gigi Hadid lost a heel during Anna Sui’s SS18 show at New York Fashion week, and would have likely lost her footing, but little sister Bella was on hand to help keep her upright.

The pair ended up closing the show together, with the elder Hadid leaning on her sister while walking with one shoe.

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These things happen at fashion week – those shoes are likely samples, and who knows if they even fit Gigi in the first place – but you couldn’t really ask for better support than your own flesh and blood.

For your reference:

If Gigi had taken a tumble, she wouldn’t be in bad company. Naomi Campbell fell on the runway for Vivienne Westwood in Paris in 1993, and it hasn’t held her career back at all. Candice Swanepoel once fell while walking for Givenchy, and Karlie Kloss lost her footing on the Fendi runway in 2011.

Bella herself would have known how her sister felt – she stacked it walking for Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week last September.

While you’re here, why not have a look at the full collection? We’re getting major Penny Lane vibes (Almost Famous forever) and no one’s mad about that. The hair and makeup is stunning, too. Love the silver eyeshadow and that fluffy, textured hair.

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We’re thinking that Gigi’s ability to take the awkward moment with grace will only help her out, career-wise. In modelling, as in life, it’s more about how you recover.

That said, we don’t think this is what anyone has in mind when they imagine having a Carrie Bradshaw moment. Remember that one episode where she gets to walk for Dolce & Gabbana, only to take a tumble? Not the dream.

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