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From a must-have LED face mask, to a trust brow pencil that never fails, founder of The Modist Ghizlan Guenez shares with us her favourite skincare, makeup and hair products.

Beachwood Shower exfoliating brush Dhs100 Kent Brushes

I think dry brushing is very underrated and it’s an easy practice that you do right before your shower. It’s amazing for circulation, lymphatic drainage for cellulite and the smoothness of your skin. I use it daily for no more than five minutes.

Skincare Oil Dhs80 Bio-Oil


You can use this multi-purpose product on wet skin when you’re in the shower or on your cuticles, your face, and I sometimes use it on my hair.

Wave Spray Dhs103 OUAI

Whether you have curly hair like me and want to tame it, or you have straight hair and you want to curl it and add some texture you can definitely use it too. Apply it to wet or dry hair and it keeps your curls in place.

Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator Dhs550 La Prairie

I’m a big believer in peels and exfoliation for the skin and it is one way to prep your skin. It feels soft on the skin but it’s extremely effective. You only need a tiny bit of it and it lasts a long time.

Instant Transformation Lemon Facial Peel Dhs170 Ole Henriksen at Sephora

It has glycolic and lactic acids in it and gives such a beautiful glow. I alternate between this one and other facial scrubs.

Tibetan Chrysanthemum Correcting Eye Treatment Pads Dhs205 Wei Beauty

This is one of my favourite discoveries. I don’t usually wear eye pads because I’ve rarely seen one that works but this one is so effective. It is made out of the plant you can only harvest high up in the Tibetan mountains. It tackles puffiness and dark circles and ideal as a pre-party boost.

Precisely My Brow Pencil Dhs130 Benefit

brow pencil benefit

I love makeup and have always experimented with and if I were to rave about a recent addition to my edit of products it would be this brow pencil. It allows you to fill the gaps in a way that looks natural and I love how it is long lasting and easy to apply.

Lotion P50 1970 Balancing Exfoliator Dhs570 Biologique Recherche

If you know skincare then you know this product. It’s not gentle on the skin and that’s why I usually use it in winter for three months and then I spot. It’s important to protect your skin from the sun when you use it but it resurfaces your skin and regenerates it.

Protective Hair Perfume in Fruity Floral Dhs190 Sachajuan

It’s a Swedish brand and it smells delicious. I usually put it in the roots, back of my neck and I find the fragrance to be long lasting. It’s a beautiful way to keep your hair fresh, especially if you don’t wash it every day.

Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask Dhs1,820 The Light Salon Boost

It is one of the best investments I’ve made. You can use it a few times a week and wear it over a sheet mask or a serum or night creams to allow the ingredients to absorb better. This particular light is so soft and easy to pack so you can travel with it. I just love that I don’t have to go to a salon to get LED light treatment.

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