Rosie Huntington Whiteley’

With perfect abs, legs and lips who wouldn’t want to know Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s diet and fitness secrets? Which is why this week’s edition of #EWGetsFit reveals how to get in shape just like her.

At 175cm (approx. 5ft9ins) around 57kg is an ideal healthy weight for Rosie. It may seem rather ambitious, however is it achievable. Here’s how:


Not one for following fads, Rosie has a common sense approach to diet: a substantial breakfast, fish or chicken with salad or vegetables for lunch and dinner as well as lots and lots of water.

She considers herself to be a, “big foodie” so she doesn’t have any particular restrictions on what she eats but she limits her intake of red meat and gets a vitamin boost from regular smoothies and supplements. Like, Beyonce, Rosie has also flirted with veganism.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’ in a M&S ad


“As soon as I wake up, I try and drink a litre of water. I often find that after a night’s sleep you’re dehydrated, and it’s a really easy thing to get everything moving the way it should be.”



  • Scrambled or boiled egg with spinach
  • Green or fruit smoothie with almond butter, flax seeds and probiotics


  • Salad with chicken or white fish

Evening meal

  • Rosie loves eating out and going for drinks with friends but eats clean at home as well as cutting out carbs, and watching her salt and sugar intake before a red carpet event.



Rosie says that her hectic lifestyle means that it’s hard for her to stick to a strict routine and working out every day is just not a possibility for her but when she needs an instant pick-me-up she’ll definitely hit the gym. If she’s travelling then Rosie uses Youtube to find 10-minute cardio workouts that will get the blood pumping. When she’s at home, hiking with friends and surfing are fun ways for Rosie to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors.

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To maintain her perfectly sculpted abs, Rosie enjoys Pilates with former ballet dancer, Andie Hecker. She finds that it’s the slow controlled movements of Pilates which enable her to stay toned without bulking up. She has also become an aficionado of Vinyasa Flow yoga which involves intense cardio and strength-building exercises as well as some core work to increase strength and flexibility as well as some acrobatic elements.


“Skipping is a really good way to get the heart rate up immediately, I’m always out of breath within two minutes.”

“I try and do a lot of supplements in my smoothies. If I don’t have time for breakfast, which is quite often, I’ll make a smoothie.”

“It’s really great before a shoot just to stretch out and get all your ligaments stretched. A lot of times…as a model, you’re in heels all day, you’re in really uncomfortable positions…so I find massages a really important part of my routine as well.”

“I drink a lot of water too. I always find that when I’ve not been drinking enough, I get more bloated. It sounds counter-productive but drinking more water will actually get rid of the water retention.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking amazing at the beach


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