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The sports essentials to keep you in shape from home.



Technogym’s durable, heavy-duty kettlebells are stylish and safe. They’re perfectly suited to all types of users of various fitness levels.

POA Technogym

Hexagon Dumbbells

Hexagon Dumbells

Available both as a complete kit and as single items, the Hexagon Dumbbells offer the highest quality and durability. Easy to store safely and enabling a wide range of exercises, they are particularly suited to Skillathletic and cross training.

POA Technogym

Everlast Training Bag


Dhs495 Everlast

ATS Air Rower

ATS Air Rower

Dhs1,470 Stamina

Resistance bands


Dhs65 StrongerStrongerStronger

Push Up 3.0 Grip

Nike Push Up 3.0 Grip

Dhs99 Nike


Junya Nylon and Titanium Sunglasses

District vision

Dhs927 District Vision

XVENT Mesh-Panelled Stretch-Jersey Hooded Jacket


Dhs397 2XU available at MR PORTER

Pro Dri-FIT Shorts

Nike Shorts

Dhs243 Nike Training

Breeze TechLoom Running Sneakers

APL Athletic Propulsion Labs

Dhs835 APL Athletic Propulsion Labs

Emirates Man SS21 – Download Now

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