“It’s extraordinary to look into your eyes.”

Actress Lena Headey first met Marwa, a mum from Syria, at a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos in 2016. Through a language barrier, the pair bonded and Headey promised to bring Marwa’s story to the world.

Now, the pair have met again in Germany where Marwa has started a new life.

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Headey travelled with the International Rescue Committee, a non-profit based in the United Kingdom that works to help people affected by conflict and natural disasters. It was on a trip with the same organisation that she first met Marwa two years ago.

At that time, the Syrian woman was separated from her husband, Aiman, while he was in Germany receiving cancer treatment, the IRC says. Reunited after a year apart, the pair have since had another child. Their three daughters now speak German and are attending school.

The baby born in Germany was a boy, and Marwa and her husband have named him after Werner, a friend they’ve made since settling in Germany.

“I wondered, how can I ever repay Werner for his kindness?” Aiman told the IRC. “Then I thought – naming a child is a gift that lasts forever.”

Headey met with the family at their apartment and caught up on their new lives, asking the girls about their new school and how they’re adapting.

A mother of two herself, the actress was thrilled to see Marwa again.

“It’s extraordinary to look into your eyes,” she said, with Marwa replying, “It’s not easy to find someone like you.”

Headey has shared a number of images from her trip to Germany on Instagram, including a post with a picture of her and Marwa in 2016 alongside one from last week.

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We’re wishing Marwa and her family all the best.

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Images: Lena Headey/Instagram