Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

This week’s Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on Saturday, 28 October, highlights themes around releasing and acceptance.

During the Solar Eclipse on 14 October, it was restricting your energy or hiding judgment around matters before asking you to leap – or just pushing you off the cliff, hoping the net would appear. She’s reached her level of exasperation: what is now stopping you from moving forward? You’ve finished the lessons you needed.

Those who were, or are, in partnerships and committed relationships will be reflecting on the principle of Venusian equality and that love really does conquer all.

It’s not as simple as that for others. Scorpio-ruled Mars will be making an exact opposition to Jupiter in Taurus, who is busy manifesting how to get what he wants on the day of the eclipse. Brewing is an outburst of repressed anger around a deeper matter that is not coming fast enough.

Work to cool the situation by starting with what you can agree on. Work on areas that are easily to collaborate on. If you want to get ahead, you must work together despite your emotions running amok.

So why is the other party so prickly? They are likely stuck in a belief system. Be warned, they are slow to anger, and you do not want to stir up a hornet’s nest.

Your personal astrology chart will highlight those Libra house topics being activated and what issues need to be discussed this week.

Scorpio season is a slight nightmare for those without innate intensity, motivation and passion. Some may feel even down around a seemingly losing battle. You shouldn’t feel that way, it appears there is a formidable point to prove and something helping your cause still hasn’t come to light.

Scorpio’s energy will run at Mach One the day before the eclipse, firing up our value systems. How much are you willing to work for financial gain or stability?

If you are driven by desire and determination, it will feel like an adrenaline rush, and you’re ready to go for it. Just watch out for get-rich-quick schemes; others are profiting from you.


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This is the last Taurus Eclipse series that started on 19 November 2021. During this cycle, she wanted to gauge how secure you have felt and what love, affection, and sex have meant to you.

The Sun, Mercury and Mars, are all in Scorpio, so we are intensely focused. Taurus is refusing to settle for second best. How can you forge a more inclusive, accepting future for yourself? You may feel compromised by an enormous dose of uncertainty, disrupting any well-laid-out plans.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may require someone more knowledgeable to adjudicate or help you find more direction. Are you apprehensive about moving ahead for fear of making a mistake? It’s tough. Boundaries are blurred. Know that unrealistic expectations are more workable than you imagine. It pays to explore what got you to where you are in the first place. Have faith and a positive mindset around your long-term objectives.

Over the next six months, the more diplomatic, peace-loving or persuasive person should take the lead if you want lasting results. It’s a balancing act that will test the best, so a solid strategy is imperative. Ultimately, survival is at stake, but energy and courage are there for the taking.


Scorpio is testing for a reaction: that sting in the tail, remember?  What will be revealed may initially appear insignificant, but pay attention; it will UNCOVER more than you expect.  Money and real estate may also be at stake, as is a sense of higher moral ground. 

Some may be wise to wait out the storm, as you may provide stability and hope for those trying to move through the quagmire of their life. If you’re low on energy, spend these next few nights with those you love behind closed doors.

What has suddenly changed around your health or work or what you do for others? An exacting Saturn in fluid and malleable Pisces has entered a new house just whilst Neptune in Pisces is trying to wrap up his 14-year transit. Saturn notably appeared right on time for this Eclipse to fact-check anything that wasn’t obvious before.

If you are setting up a new career for yourself, spend time strategising in solitude. Your ideas look to have merit. Try to include higher standards of socialisation. With Pluto in Capricorn bringing a more conscious closure to what you used to know as stability, think back to any profound shifts you have seen over the past 15 years. Softer energy around leadership and new concepts around the collective are swiftly coming to light which will affect the next 20 years of life.

A usually righteous Saturn is now willing to work with the underdog. He has an eye on efficiency and reliability in Government, science, health or areas where his perseverance and deep analysis is a big asset. Things will become more apparent for you when the full Gemini moon appears, give or take a couple of days around 27 November.

Saturn also shines a light on broken or corrupt systems of politics and authoritarian rule makers grimly holding on to their power. Some are on shaky ground as this Eclipse signals revelations around their current policies and the need to break free from rigidity.

On a personal front, many will find it easier to work around any limitations with more flexibility than they’ve had in the past, leading to a raft of new creative possibilities. Take it slowly in order to go deeper. Ask Jupiter in Taurus to welcome any necessary finances you need to kick-start a new initiative. He wants to help you get settled in over the next seven months.

Children are now appearing far wiser than we thought. Given that they are our voice of tomorrow, you’d be wise to listen to what they say, just as they have done with you until now.

Remember, the Universe always delivers what you need to know and do on your karmic journey to enlightenment.

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