Marie-Paule Minchelli, Creative Director at ERES on incorporating a distinct French sensibility to design an activewear range that shape and accentuate the female figure.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

First of all, I get up very early, around 6-7am, and I start by having a lemon and hot water, but only hot water. Then I shower and go for breakfast.

How has your background in the lingerie industry influenced your design approach?

It taught me a lot: precision, a great deal of rigour, technical skills and knowhow surrounded by experts.

How would you define the DNA of the brand and how has it evolved under you?

Spectacular minimalism, focused on women: all women, all morphologies, making them beautiful so that they feel good in their bodies, the products are comfortable and elegant, dressing them from morning to night.


Marie-Paule Minchelli, Creative Director at ERES


What is the most important to you when building a new collection – where do you begin?

You have to find the inspiration, you start with colours, a print, a lace, it’s the inspiration that makes the continuity.

What was your inspiration for the utilitarian and colour-blocked styles we’re seeing in this collection?

Inspiration: for example, for this collection, a belt at the Vanves flea market, with a 70s, Mexican, multicolour spirit and then the fact that the colours match and mismatch. This is the DNA of the brand, all the colours are different, they have to be pretty on their own but harmonious together.

You developed the fabrics for the activewear pieces. Can you explain the technology behind the fits?

We have three new fabrics: all different, ultra-stretchy and comfortable. A smooth fabric, a ribbed fabric and a flowing fabric.

To you, what are the essential pieces from the range?

Asymmetric and two-tone suits are the highlights of the collection.

How has your love of travel influenced your designs and overall brand aesthetic?

Travelling is enriching, we discover new architecture, new landscapes, new civilisations. It’s interesting, it’s enriching to see what’s going on around us. Our customer is a traveller, so she finds herself in our collections. It’s inspiring to be on holiday. You always have to put yourself in a situation.

The Middle East is a key market for ERES. What do you think women in the region find so appealing about the brand and products?

It’s luxury à la francaise, refinement, level of detail, sophistication, lace: exceptional materials.

How do you aim to add a positive influence of body positivity and inclusivity through your designs?

To offer as many products as possible that can be adapted to all body shapes, to design products with this in mind, with cuts that shape the body, to highlight the woman’s body.

This is The Body Issue – what are your non- negotiable self and body care practices and how does it make a difference?

I do yoga: I use the “asana rebel” app, they do short programmes every day, meditation programmes. It adapts to the time we have, very soothing. I use Nucca creams a lot every day – natural products made from products grown in Corsica are immortelle.

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