During the month of October women are always encouraged to have a mammogram as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, but that’s not all we should be checking.

When it comes to women’s health a trip to a gynaecologist is equally as important, however, tell us honestly when was the last time you went?

Yes, it may be daunting, slightly uncomfortable and a little scary but seeing a gynaecologist should be a monthly appointment in your diary.

To help you make your first appointment, in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Medeor 24×7 Hospital Dubai will be offering all women free gynaecologist consultations until October 31,  2016.

If the doctor recommends that the patient undergoes a mammogram, the hospital will offer the procedure at 50 per cent off (though check here for free mammogram screenings in Dubai).

Still too nervous? Here’s some facts on why a trip to your gynaecologist is so important:

How often should you visit your gynaecologist?

There’s much debate around this, but at least once a year with the visits including a General Women’s Wellness Exam and a Pap smear.

Why is it so important?

An annual gynaecological exam and Pap smear will screen for cervical cancer. It will detect abnormal cells early, and will allow doctors to monitor and treat the cancer early as part of prevention.


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Why else should you see a gynaecologist?

If you suffer from extreme menstrual cramps, and/or irregular periods and/or if you have a burning sensation when you go to the bathroom. All these are reasons you need to seek expert opinion. It’s no different than if you went to a GP because you didn’t feel well. you have to listen to your body.

At what age should you start getting a Pap smear?

You should start test at age 21. And have regular annual tests there after.

Can a gynaecologist help with fertility?

They can check if there are any abnormalities in your uterus and ovaries. They can also offer helpful tips about healthy habits that will help preserve your fertility and address any concerns you may have.

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