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Launched by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah 10 years ago in memory of his grandmother, The Fragrance Kitchen is a brand that champions innovation in the fragrance realm.

Can you talk us through your career?

I was an entrepreneur from a very young age, founding Villa Moda – one of the region’s most iconic department stores while I was in my twenties, bringing high-end fashion brands to the region including Prada, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and many more. Then I went on to create The Fragrance Kitchen.

What inspired you to start your own fragrance brand?

I learned about the art of blending from my grandmother when I was a teenager. Once I had the talent, I collaborated with Tom Ford, creating the Arabian Wood blend for his collection. After the success of Arabian Wood, I decided to start my own business – The Fragrance Kitchen (TFK). This is the first fragrance innovation that I have spearheaded.

How has your brand evolved since it launched in 2011?

TFK is known for its amazing, crazy events which we did twice in New York and London. The Fragrance Kitchen has over 70 scents which are sold in Europe, USA, Africa, Russia and the Middle East, we have also reached Mexico. As a fragrance brand we also come in and out with different sorts of amazing projects which include limited edition TFK chocolates in the shape of perfume bottles; special edition TFK fragrance named ‘I See U’ with a quote on the bottle from Khalil Gebran printed in braille on the front; special edition card game fragrances and more. We have many exciting projects coming up, so stay tuned!

In terms of fragrance, what does The Fragrance Kitchen represent?

TFK represents ‘East meets West’.

How would you say the GCC region is different from others in terms of fragrance?

We don’t differentiate between male or female scents in the GCC. Rose, for example, is universally loved. Today, there are masculine and feminine realms, but both genders are free to play in either.

What are your three favourite notes in fragrance?

Taif Rose, Oud and Bergamot.

Who would you say your mentors are in life?

My uncle, the late Prince of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Ahmed Al-Sabah.

How do you want to inspire others?

Stay simple and comfortable, but also take risks.

What hurdles have you experienced throughout your career?

Everyone experiences hurdles and bumps along the roads, but I overcome them with the support of my family and friends.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, what have been the milestones?

Through my social media platforms, I have managed to raise awareness for many different causes visiting many places including war-torn countries and orphanages in need. To be able to visit homes from different backgrounds who share their stories with me over a cup of tea is a milestone for me.

This is ‘The Fragrance Issue’ – what is your signature scent?

TFK Arab Spring is our signature and is completely different to any other fragrance in the market.

May’s – ‘The Fragrance Issue’ – Download Now

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