Dubai-based fitness guru, model and TV presenter Rania Gamal debunks the myth that you don’t have enough time in the day to exercise.

Forget about sweating it out in the gym for hours on end, according to Rania Gamal these four simple strength exercises can help you achieve a fit and healthy body in just four minutes.

1. Warm Up

Warm Up Is Important

Warm Up Is Important

Description: Warming up literally means warming up your body as cold muscles are more prone to injury. A warm up helps increase the delivery of blood and oxygen to your system, helping you focus on your performance.

How to do it: Start with neck rotations, side arm raises, hip rotation, arm rotation, single hip rotations and you can also run on the treadmill if you are in the gym, stretching your arms on the side and then on top of your head, just be extra careful not to fall.

Tip: You can also try to do some light kicks and punches and if you prefer to do simple stretching.

Time: One minute

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2. Balancing Deadlifts

Balancing Deadlift

Balancing Deadlift

Description: This will strengthen your glutes, as well as support and strengthen your core muscles.

How to do it: While holding dumbbells, stand with your feet hip-width apart and slightly bend your knees. Balance on your right leg and, keeping your spine straight, slowly bend forwards while extending your left leg behind you. While doing so, row the dumbbells up by sides, bending elbows behind your body. Try to gently lower dumbbells back down, stand up and repeat on the opposite leg.

Tip: Brace the abs to help with balancing.

Reps: As many as possible in one minute (minimum 15-20 on each leg)

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3. Arm Kick Backs

Arm Kick Back

Arm Kick Back

Description: This workout will get rid of those bingo wings, giving you enviably toned arms.

How to do it: While standing, hold a weight in one hand and lunge forward with the opposite knee, leaning forward at a 45-degree angle. Keep your elbow close to your body and then press back with arms behind you, contracting your tricep.

Tip: Feeling strong? Up the dumbbell weight.

Reps: As many as possible in one minute (minimum 12-20 on each leg)

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4. Side Planks

side plank

Side Plank

Description: Planking is one of the best exercises for abs, it will help you build deep inner core muscles.

How to do it: Lie on your left side with your left hand on the floor beneath your left shoulder – your right hand should be straight up (so you form a T-shape with your arms) – rest the inside of your right foot rest on top of your left foot. Use a little weight for extra resistance. Swap sides and repeat.

Tip: The side plank is good for getting that six pack.

Reps: Hold for 30 seconds each side

Please note, only part of your success lies in exercise. For maximum effect combine this workout with a clean and balanced diet. 

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