We speak to Founder Lucy Aylen of Never Fully Dressed, about her label’s trajectory so far and what it takes to create effortlessly feminine pieces.

Talk us through your career.

I never actually had a career plan to make this a business, I was an unemployed actress with a creative flair so started to customize one off pieces to sell at London’s boutique markets. My parents were market traders, so it was in my blood and something I loved doing. We were lucky enough to gain a voice and grow with the launch of social media, with our multiwear styling becoming a huge hit online.

What inspired you to launch Never Fully Dressed?

I was always creative and enjoyed selling, I have always been passionate to support charities and causes I loved so I thought why not put both together and create something to empower others through feel good dressing

You launched the brand in 2009, how have the pieces evolved since then?

We have always wanted to retain NFD’s core style and ensured our multi-wear pieces remain at the forefront of our business. We have worked extremely hard to improve our range offering, quality, and sizing which we continue to do. What lies at the core of the brand’s DNA? Multi-wear styling for everybody, feel good dressing for all shapes, sizes and ages, honesty, and fun.

Lucy Aylen

Never Fully Dressed

What sets the label apart from other contemporary fashion brands?

Our honest voice and approachable nature which has allowed us to create an amazing community of fabulous women, feeling the best versions of themselves in feel-good clothing.

What strategy did the brand adopt to grow the boutique into a cult-favourite brand on social media?

Our success has been very organic with a love for our styling videos, honest voice and community feel. We love showcasing our products on a diverse range of women, looking fabulous in our bold prints and creative styles.

Majority of the prints are designed inhouse–talk us through the creative process.

The design team and I work very closely to create the initial range concept for which we then work up key prints and shapes to fit. We work on both digital CAD’S, sketched and painted designs to ensure we are maximising our creativity.

You make sustainable fashionable. How have you managed to overcome this challenge?

We are still on a journey and work hard to ensure five per cent of our range is sustainable per month with a vision to increase further this year. Our production chain is completely ethical, we work with family run factories that have been with us since day one. Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner are up there for us, both of them wore our pieces organically which is amazing. We love seeing all women in our designs and take great pride from our customer tags.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay true to yourself, be kind, dream big from the beginning and have fun.

What’s next for the fashion label in the Middle East?

We are exploring pop-up activations this year and an expansion on our wholesale offering to ensure we can cater to such an amazing market. We have modest, appropriate ranges launching from SS23.

This is The Style Issue – what’s your personal aesthetic?

My personal style is feelgood and fun. My style is definitely unique to me and my mood, I love wearing colour to boost my day and find it makes others happy around me.

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