The rainforest is closer than you think.

Swap the glittering sky line of Dubai for the golden dunes of the Ras Al Khaimah where we have discovered one of the most indulgent spa experiences.

Located at the The Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi Desert resort, the Rainforest Spa offers head to toe relaxation in one of the most unique environments.

Once you enter the thermal space, you are invited to walk through numerous steam rooms, showers and sauna’s before plunging into the pool with it’s many hydromassages. Each of the therapy rooms are designed to tackle various parts of your wellbeing so you come out feeling refreshed an energised.

Below we have asked Emre Kiris, Director of Spa, to talk us through the experience and the many other treatments they offer.


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Summarise the Rainforest Spa experience.

The Rainforest is composed of 16 different stations and each one of them combines the hydrothermal features, by using warm and cold water temperatures.

Why did you decide on a walk through experience?

The design and the idea of the Rainforest is to treat the body with different temperatures, which boosts and stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and opens the skin pores. Rainforest combines herbal and standard saunas and five steam baths each one of them has a different relaxing scent which acts beneficially on the respiratory system, and skin rejuvenation. The most significant results of warm and cold treatments are body detoxication, rejuvenation and stress relief.

What should we do to make the most of the Rainforest Spa?

The optimal and recommended time to enjoy the Rainforest journey is 2 hours. For the complete body rejuvenation and stress relief purposes we advise the Rainforest Journey to be followed by a massage or facial treatment.


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You will soon be opening a Hammam, can you share a little of what can expect?

We are thinking of the original and fundamental way of hammam treatments with a whole body scrub performed with a special glove, which is individual to each guest and will be given to the Guest after the treatment. After that proper skin exfoliation, the body will be treated with a soap bubble massage, which will be followed by a holistic part of that treatment, which is washing the whole body.

What other developments to the spa we can look forward to?

We are currently in the process of implementing a signature treatment of The Ritz – Carlton Al Wadi Spa. It will be a unique whole body treatment that will combine all the well-being aspects that our Spa offers, which is hydrothermal therapy, body scrub, customized facial treatment with elements of massage and reflexology, as well as aromatherapy features which will result in complete relaxation and body rejuvenation.

How often should we treat ourselves to a spa day for general wellbeing?

In order to regain the positive energy and balance the stress levels I would recommend spa visits every week. However, it should be balanced, so let’s say if we decide to take a 60 min relaxation massage one week then the next treatment should focus on facial treatment to detoxify the skin or a visit at The Rainforest for the full body and mind rejuvenating hydrothermal retreat.


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What health and wellbeing trends do you see emerging? 

The environment we live in challenges us with high levels of pollution, which has a terrible effect on our skin, making it grey and dull. Skin, which does not receive enough oxygen and nutrition, is more prone to premature aging and contamination. I have observed that lately our guests are becoming more and more aware of that fact and they notice visible changes on their faces. Thus, the facial treatments which aim to rejuvenate the skin and improve its tone and texture, as well as the detoxify it, are the most commonly chosen treatments in our portfolio.

What is the most popular treatment at the spa right now?

Our significant facial treatment, which brings immediate visible results, is Diamond Experience Facial which is performed with Natura Bisee Products. It is a revolutionary treatment of highly active ingredients, which improves and rejuvenates the skin tone. Since all our treatment rooms are designed for couples, our Ritz-Carlton Al Wadi Spa is an ideal destination for a romantic spa retreat, mum and daughter quality time, as well as a ladies spa day.

Sounds like an excuse for a staycation.

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