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Tired of browsing skinny wedding dresses that don’t show your curves any love? Ashley Graham, aka voice of body positivity, has your back.

The model has collaborated with bridal house Pronovias on a plus-size collection that runs from size 0-34. She wanted to create a line that suits any type of bride, whether you prefer a classic silhouette or something a touch more glamorous.

Ashley’s collaboration with Pronovias stems from her own personal struggle to find her dream wedding dress: “I found a silhouette that I loved, but I had to accept major details I didn’t want because there was nothing in that shape that fit me. And it wasn’t even the right size! We ended up adding a panel to a size 10 dress off the rack so it would fit my 14 frame to make it work,” she shared on Instagram.


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The collection will be available in March and every dress has shapewear and bras built in. “Finding a dream dress is something I would have loved to experience! Andddd I want all of you to be able to have!” she adds.

Our April 2019 cover star has been inspiration to many women and has played a key role in diversifying fashion and opening doors to other curve models. She is expecting her first child later this year and we have been blown away by her confident maternity style.


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“If you look at the last 20 years you would see that there was only one curvy girl making a difference or having an editorial per year, and now there’s a whole slew of us. And we’re not just in catalogues – we’re in magazines, we’re in campaigns, we’re on TV, we’re in movies and we’re starting to veer away from this ‘Oh we have a plus size model’. They’re just starting to put us in stuff. We are the norm so why not just treat us as the norm?” she said in our interview.

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