Great for the planet and great for your appetite

The world as we know it is changing and with climate change at the forefront of many people’s minds, being conscious about waste and mindful of how we consume things has been gaining traction.

With this, it’s developments in technology that are tracking consumption which, in turn, is helping the reduce of waste. One app that’s making it’s mission to help the planet is FoodKarma.

With both the UAE Food Bank and the #ZeroFoodWaste campaign by Dubai Municipality aiming to hone in on the nation’s commitment to zero tolerance of food waste, FoodKarma is making their vision a reality.

The app is a brainchild of Eugenie Dronneau and aims to combat the issue of waste by partnering with restaurants, cafes and other culinary outlets in providing a platform to sell their surplus food to you at a reduced rate.

“FoodKarma is born out of my passion for food and beverage and my constant fight for a better environment,” Dronneau explains. “It is our aim to help do our bit to resolve a massive problem of food waste and its dramatic impact on global warming.”

However, given the current global pandemic, there have been many setbacks for restaurants, which has affected FoodKarma. Given many F&B outlets have either had to close down or dramatically reduced their business during lockdown, there has been less interaction on the app.

In order to combat this, Dronneau is hoping to launch a B2B section which will connect local producers, suppliers, wholesalers to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and any other food entities looking to buy wholesale food at a cheaper price.

Similarly, a plan to launch a retail and supermarket offering to customers based on the same model of the current offers is also in the works.

Despite the current setbacks from the current situation with COVID-19, there’s no reason not to join FoodKarma. With the app you can choose what you want to eat within a 14km of your location and you can browse through what you want, then select and purchase what you’re looking for. Delivery, pickup and dine-in options are all available on the app.

Discounts start at 15 per cent and can go all the way up to 60 per cent with restaurants like Appetitie, Cooloo Tamman, the health-conscious Ultra Brasserie and the vegan-friendly Wild & The Moon.

The free app is available via the App Store, Google Play and and new offers start each day from 11am each day.

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