Wear them all year round

Whether you are wearing a pair of jeans or a dress, you can always turn to white trainers to complete your look. The longevity, versatility and sheer style of white sneakers make them a staple in every girls wardrobe.

With the reemergence and overhaul of classic styles, here are five white sneakers that will never go out of style.



Every sneaker-head knows that a pair of Air Force 1 trainers are a classic. Compact and clean, this OG sneaker is guaranteed to live long in your shoe collection.



For a touch of nostalgia, you can always turn to the white, red stripped converse from your teenage years. Get them in high tops or low tops, either way, these are never going out of style.

Stella McCartney


Streetwear is sweeping the fashion industry, so much so that even designer brands are getting in on the action. So for some stylish high-end sneakers, you should add these chunky Stella McCartney sneakers to your wardrobe. Not only will they leave you looking trendy, but the shoes is also made entirely out of vegan leather and nothing beats conscious fashion!



The Stan Smiths range from Adidas really do speak for themselves. These white tennis shoes have quite the reputation, which means that they will never go out of style.

Reebok x Victoria Beckham


Our favourite fashionista expanded her Reebok collection, adding a must-have white shoe to the line-up. Sticking to a clean aesthetic, the ’90s-inspired white sports shoe is ideal for the summer and will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe – from midi dresses to sharp masculine tailoring.

Time to embrace comfort & style

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Image: Instagram