Our constant style icon is at it again.

Regular readers of Emirates Woman will know that we’re big fans of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan. She’s inspiring, she’s a philantropist, she’s got one of the best Instagram bios of all time. (That’s “a mum and a wife with a really cool day job,” if you’re not familiar.)

Another reason we love Queen Rania? Her sense of style. The woman is a committed clothes horse, and we’ve never seen her look anything less than fantastic.

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Take a quick look at her Instagram, though, and you’ll notice a couple of themes emerging. Today we’re focusing on one in particular: Queen Rania’s ongoing love of the classic white shirt.

We love seeing the re-wear value of a wardrobe staple in action, so here it is. The six best ways Queen Rania styles a white shirt.

Tied up

Queen Rania has a lot of time for a bow-neck blouse, but this softer option is lovely too. It’s the kind of relaxed, easy detail that brings a work-week ensemble together.

Draw the line

How good is the black button placket here? The whole look is monochrome, so it’s never going to be too matchy, but it makes it work.

Add a belt 

While this looks like it might actually be a shirt dress, the principal stands: white shirts look great when nipped in with a skinny waist belt. Queen Rania has been known to deploy this same technique with a shirt over jeans, too.

…Like so. Just right for those in-between events where you want to look polished but not overdressed.

Tone on tone

Here, the queen’s soft white button-down works with her pale skirt to create a unified look.

Let it shine

Sure, we’re here to talk white shirts, but let’s take a moment for that skirt. The colours and the geometric print made it one of our favourite things Queen Rania wore last year, and her simple top lets it sing. This is one of the major strengths of white shirts – they don’t talk over the rest of your look.

Statement sleeves

Unless, of course, you want them too. No one could say those embellished sleeves aren’t a major feature here. Great stuff.

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Images: Instagram