The Ritz-Carlton DIFC 

Creating and organising a wedding can be a daunting task for any bride. With this in mind, we turned to Big Day expert Maya Saliba, wedding director at Ritz Carlton DIFC for advice on how to creating those wedding wows…

1.     Choose the perfect setting for the perfect day
Start by choosing the wedding venue as this will set the tone and theme for the rest of the wedding. For example, the Samaya Ballroom at Ritz Carlton, DIFC, might better lend itself to an elegant, contemporary dress, while a flowing bohemian-style gown may be more appropriate for an alfresco beach wedding day.
2.     Ensure two stand-out moments to remember
You want your day to be one that your guests will never forget, so ensure there is two key standout moments. This could be as simple as reading a personalised poem, or serving a bespoke drink named in your honour (why not, it is your day?).

3.     Create a theme and bring it to life
Be it shabby chic or pink and pearls, choose a theme early on and pull it through all the key elements of your wedding; from the dresses and flowers, to the cake and menus, ensuring consistency in the look and feel. Create a moodboard on Pinterest and save your inspirations. Check out the Emirates Woman Bride moodboard for ideas
4.     Personal touches add personality
Don’t be afraid to ask your venue for help with personal touches – they’re there to help. The Ritz-Carlton DIFC offer a service to all our brides called Crafted With Love. Our Pastry Chef creates a miniature version of the wedding cake before the real thing to ensure every detail is as the couple envisaged, and any personal requests can be accommodated, however small and intricate.
5.     Savour every second
When the day arrives, remember it’s your day. Enjoy every moment as it will go extremely fast, cliché but it’s so true. Every hour or so, take a moment with your groom, or your mum or best friend, simply to take it all in, and ensure the memories stay with you well beyond the big day.


For more information on weddings at The Ritz-Carlton DIFC or to speak to a wedding expert, please call (04) 3722628.