Nicola Glass injects joy into our wardrobes

Creative director Nicola Glass has only been at the helm of Kate Spade New York for less than two years, but her vision instantly connected with fans of the brand.

With a strong background in accessories and stints at both Michael Kors and Gucci (under Tom Ford) Nicola has a pretty good grasp of what today’s customer wants. She is not looking to overhaul a brand that is known for bringing youthful happiness to wardrobe’s around the world, but to evolve it and closely track to see what works and what doesn’t.

On her short trip to Dubai, we grab a few minutes with Irish-born designer to discuss her ambitions for Kate Spade and it’s bright and bold future.

What has been the highlight of your time at Kate Spade so far?

The fashion shows, particularly the most recent one we had in September. You see everyone’s work come together, and with this particular show I feel we really captured the spirit of a Kate Spade woman.

How has the brand transformed under your direction?

The brand has a really strong DNA and identity, and when I joined I really wanted to look at that and see how we can modernise it and take it into a new era. Brand stood for colour, it’s fun, looking at prints, and I wanted it to modernise that. Maybe use less predictable colour choices or unexpected mixes.

How would you describe Kate Spade today?

Kate Spade to me is a very fun and optimistic brand. You talk about this idea of optimistic femininity and by that I mean its for empowered, confident women, but who have a sense of realness and purpose in their life, they seek strength and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

What would you like to do at Kate Spade that you haven’t done yet?

I feel like I only just started to scratch the surface, my products have been in store for only eight months. At first you are designing in a bit of a vacuum and then you see your first collection as you’re designing the fourth and fifth, so it’s been exciting seeing what the customer is responding to.

Who do you turn to for advice?

My twin sister. We live in different countries, she’s a doctor but I guess being twins we are very sensitive to each other’s moods. We know the right thing to say to one another and she keeps be grounded.

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