With international fashion weeks well and truly underway we’ve rounded up the five models to follow on Instagram.

Giving us access to the behind the scenes action, as well as a glimpse into their stylish lives, here are the top five models to follow on Instagram during fashion weeks.

Cara Delevingne @caradelevingne

Cara Delevingne Models To Follow On Instagram

Who Is She?

British socialite and successful supermodel-cum-actress, Cara Delevingne is best friends with anyone worth knowing with BFFs including Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber and with her pictures ranging from selfies to videos, Cara’s Instagram pulls you into her fabulous world.

Why Follow Her? If you want to follow someone who is completely unpredictable, but in a good way, then Cara is your girl.

Cara Delevingne Models To Follow On Instagram

Cara Delevingne and her famous BFFs

Social Media Statistics Instagram 19.4 million follwers Facebook 1.4 million followers Twitter 3.8 million followers  


Sharam Diniz @sharamdiniz

Sharam Diniz Models To Follow On Instagram

Sharam Diniz at a show

 Who Is She? This Angolian beauty has fast become one of the new bread of it models. With her razor-sharp cheekbones, killer and neverending legs, Sharam has fast gained a legion of loyal fans.   

A video posted by Sharam Diniz (@sharamdiniz) on

Why Follow Her? Sharam offers a real insight into the life of a model whether its supporting her football team, working out or showing off her beauty and fitness regime, Sharam shares it all.

Sharam Diniz Models To Follow On Instagram

Sharam Diniz supporting Brazil at a football match


Social Media Statistics


77.9 million followers





22.2 million followers


Karlie Kloss @Karliekloss

odels To Follow On Instagram

Who Is she?

Supermodel, digital queen (she’s an ardent vlogger) and Taylor Swift‘s BFF, Karlie may be 23, but she certainly has her business in order.

A video posted by @karliekloss on

Why Follow Her? The American beauty is frequent in her posts showcasing well-known friends from singers to models. If you’re a fan of A-list, you’ll love her Instagram.

odels To Follow On Instagram

Karlie Kloss with fellow model and pal Joan Smalls

Social Media Statistics Instagram 3.2 million followers Facebook 1,.2 million followers Twitter 390k followers Youtube 229,654 subscribers  

Mica Arganaraz @micarganaraz

Mica Arganaraz Who Is She? Not a name you instantly recognise but the model has been a huge hit at the New York Fashion week after walking the runway for Diane Von Furstenburg and also working with LV.

Mica Arganaraz

Mica Arganaraz with her sister

Why Follow Her? Mica is also renowned for her off-duty tomboy and grunge looks. She has a fun outlook on life, which inspires her personal posts, which often conatin her family and arty scenes.

Mica Arganaraz

Mica Arganaraz loves her art

Social Media Statistics Instagram 20.2k followers Facebook   4,290 followers  


Daria Werbowy @Dotwillow

Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy in an advert for Equipment

 Who Is She? While she is more famous for being the face of French beauty brand Lancôme, the Ukrainian-Canadian model is also known for opening and closing the most shows in one season. She is the second model to have a star on the Canadian walk of fame, and has been named as one of the top 30 models in the 2000s.

#2001spaceodyssy #strawballz A video posted by daria werbowy (@dotwillow) on

Why Follow Her?

Despite her fame she has not forgotten her roots. Her posts often feature her friends and a lot of wildlife.

Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy is a fan of nature

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