So, you’ve got a month to go before your big day and you still have some pounds you’d like to shift. What do you do? Follow our advice below.

The experts at DEFINE Body & Mind have devised a fool-proof diet and fitness plan for brides-to-be to get you in shape, feeling great and healthy before your wedding.

The Diet:

  • Do not crash diet. Eat sensible meals with foods high in protein and vegetables. Baked salmon and steamed broccoli will give you the energy you need
  • Snack regularly throughout the day to avoid binge eating while stressed
  • Drink plenty of water to enhance your skin’s bridal glow. Avoid sugary drinks like soda and alcohol
  • Avoid overly salty foods. Salty foods add bloating and water retention

Sample Meal Plans:

Sample breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with the yolks removed and a side of avocado gluten free toast with a dash of balsamic and lemon juice

Sample lunch: grilled chicken breast on a bed of rocket and chopped tomatoes with light dressing on the side

Sample dinner: baked wild salmon served with a side of quinoa and steamed broccoli or asparagus

Sample snacks: greek yogurt, almonds, sliced cucumbers and jalapeno hummus

The key is to eat protein the size of your palm along with nutrient rich side dishes preferably green vegetables and leafy green salads.  These green vegetables contain phytonutrients that send healthy messages to the body’s cells to produce energy to keep the satiated feeling longer to reduce unhealthy snacking or bingeing.


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The Fitness:

  • Focus on classes that tone, strengthen and lengthen. DEFINE’s body class targets the entire body specifically the biceps, triceps, thighs and glutes
  • Exercise at least four times a week to calm nerves and improve sleep
  • Switch up the routine. If you take a barre class, try a cycle class the next day. The additional cardio will increase energy levels and balance out calorie intake if you are a stress eater
  • Try at least 5 lb free weights for strength training. The heavier weights will not bulk you but improve tone and elongate the muscles

Sample Workout Plans:

Sample workouts to focus on the core, 15 minutes of these low impact exercises will keep you feeling strong.

  • Come down to the forearms so that your arms are making number 11s. Spine is neutral and the body is in one long line from the crown of the head to the toes. Run the knees, hold still for 30 seconds, dip the hips left and right, hold until the end
  • 20 push ups in full form or modified onto the knee on the meaty part of the knee, above the patella to avoid injury
  • Tricep dips– legs go out in front of you, arms to your sides fingers facing towards the center of the room.  Bend the elbows and shift the weight back from your legs to your arms. Bend the elbows, lower and lift.  Do this 20 times slowly then speed it up for 20 fast dips.  Chest is open, bending from the elbows, glutes and hips stay stationary
  • Tripceps with weights – cross your legs or sit on top of them, take one heavy weight (5 lb) over head and dip the weight towards the shoulder blades keeping the elbows tucked in tight to the sides of the head. Take the weight down to counts up to counts. Speed it up, lower down and left
  • Stretch it out at the end, crossing arms across the body to strengthen and lengthen the fatigued muscles

I am the Assistant Manager at DEFINE body & mind, a boutique fitness studio in Dubai Marina offering barre, spin and yoga.:

If You Need Help

To help you hit your health and fitness targets DEFINE body & mind are offering brides 15 per cent off packages of 10 or 20 class packages.

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Good luck for the big day. 

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