fitness dorks

From influential bloggers to entertaining vloggers and stylish insta-glammers, we bring you the people you need to follow online and on social media. This week allow us to introduce Fitness Dorks by Diya and Julia. Who are they?

Two business women who in their spare time enjoy working out and eating clean. Two years ago Diya and Julia decided to eat right and work out together in an attempt to lose weight, this developed into a passion health and fitness – thus Fitness Dorks was born and two fitness bloggers found their fame among the healthy gym bunnies of the UAE.

Check out their blog for yourself,

fitness dorks

Why follow Fitness Dorks?

They are fitness bloggers that are not personal trainers or girls that are paid to look good. Their USP, you could say, is the fact that they are normal girls like you and I. If you like healthy meal ideas, inspiring bodies, gym wear and a good old inspirational quote, then make Fitness Dorks your new blog to follow this summer.

fitness dorks

Social Media Stats

Instagram: @FitnessDorks

Twitter: @FitnessDorksDXB

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