A first of its kind fashion show has taken place in Saudi Arabia.

The event, which took place on October 16, was held on a Saudi beach at Cape Abyad, ORYX shore, and it made history.

Twenty-two designs by Samah Khashoggi for her brand Samah Abaya were showcased at the event and were inspired by the beauty of the Red Sea, making the location of the show ideal.



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Khashoggi launched the Cruise 2020 collection along with 16 beautiful Saudi models.

“I was inspired by spirit of the Red Sea, with all its beauty and mystery; it’s colourful corals and sea life,” she said discussing the event, adding the show “means the world to her”.

“It’s a milestone that every designer remembers forever,” she continued. “The cruise is something we haven’t seen before in Saudi, let alone a fashion show by the inspiring seaside; I’m humbled by this wonderful opportunity to showcase my designs for everyone.”

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