“Hijab never limited me, it is the fear that limits us.”

Nike’s Dream Crazier campaign in the Middle East continues with marathoner, mountaineer and founder of ‘Surviving Hijab’ community Manal Rostom.

Paving the way for the future generation, she is the first hijab wearing Nike running coach and was the first woman to complete in the New York marathon wearing the Nike Pro Hijab.

manal rostom nike pro hijab

She is determined to prove that the hijab does not limit ambitions and has set her sites on finishing the six major marathons and conquering all seven major mountain summits (of which she has already completed two) by 2020.


“When I was younger, I experimented with other sports, but I was either too short or didn’t have the right coach – until I found running,” she explains “It was as if the sport chose me, I could train myself and work as hard as I needed to on my own. It became part of my identity and the track was no longer just a place for me to have an outlet for my energy, it was my independence. It became where I found peace, growth, and stability in difficult times.

It gave me purpose and now, I cannot imagine myself without running, I have to keep going – not just for me, but for all the young girls after me with the same dream – this is what I live for.”

Watch her story below.

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