With women known to continually make strides in almost every arena in the UAE, we take a look at the work of Majda Abdellatif Al Muhaideb, who was the creative behind the first female designed mosque in the emirates.

This Emirati architect created this wonder in the 1970s, which still stands in Sharjah, back at a time when several women in this profession didn’t exist.


A post was also recently shared by the Instagram page Emiratesbooks, where her work was glorified with an image of the mosque.

The caption on the image read, “From the memory of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (currently the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure) in the seventies a mosque designed by the first Emirati architect, engineer Magda Abdul Latif Al Muhaidib.”

Another recently designed mosque in the UAE entitled ‘Mosque of Light’ situated in Al Quoz was also designed by the female architect Sumaya Dabbagh with luxe quintessential features.

Photographed by Gerry O’Leary, the design displays an infusion of traditional elements with Arab vernacular architecture.

As the UAE continues to bridge the gap for equality between men and women, the country is championing equal opportunities for both and will continue to do so.

With these female architects making an impact, these stunning pieces of work are admired by all those who visit from around the globe, as all its awe-inspiring features are carefully admired.

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Images: Instagram @gerryolearyphotography