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With the FIFA World Cup 2014 in full swing in Brazil, we decided to take you on a vibrant journey through the tournament’s host cities. There are 12 cities taking part including Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Manaus, Brasilia, Recife, Salvador da Bahia, Cuiaba, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Rio De Janeiro, Natal and Belo Horizonte, where we continue our journey…

Belo Horizonte

Brazil’s third largest city and not exactly aesthetically pleasing, Belo Horizonte, is a friendly, bustling city with plenty to offer.

USP: For the football fans among you, Belo Horizonte is home to the Estádio Independência, the site of England’s infamous 1-0 defeat by the USA in the 1950 World Cup.

Shop: The Feira de Arte e Artesanato market on Afonso Pena Avenue is a Sunday street fair that attracts enormous crowds. You’ll find everything from clothing and jewellery to gorgeous street food.

Eat and Drink: Check out Xapuri, fabulous food served on picnic tables under a thatched roof but the best bit is, you can have a lie down in a hammock afterwards! If you’re feeling a bit beatnik go to Café com Letras. This bookstore-cum-café hosts a jazz evening on Sundays and Mondays and DJ sets from Thursday to Saturday.

Sleep: Located in the achingly cool Lourdes area of the city, The Promenade Belo Horizonte Platinum is a four-star tower hotel close to bars, boutiques and restaurants. If you feel like relaxing it has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and an Italian restaurant.

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