Looking at you, Fenty Beauty.

With temperatures regularly hitting 35 these days, there’s no denying that summer is on its way.

We’re not especially happy about that – we like going outside – but here at Emirates Woman, you’ll find us looking for positives in all but the most dire situations.

For example, the new season brings new beauty products to play with. Some of these are recent releases, some are still on their way, but we’re liking the look of them all.

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And hey, that indoor lifestyle will give us some time to play around with them.

Fenty Beauty Body Lava

It’s been said before that everything Rihanna touches turns to gold, but in this case it’s a bit more literal than usual. The Bajan singer’s Fenty Beauty brand is launching a liquid body shimmer called Body Lava on April 6, and we’re dying to try it.

If it’s up to the standard of the rest of the line (that Gloss Bomb is still on high rotation) this should be a winner. Body glitter might seem a big early 2000s, but maybe that’s where we’re at. No word on pricing yet, but it’ll be at Sephora.

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation

armani face fabric

Armani are famed for their base products (Luminous Silk being the favourite of one Meghan Markle) and this relaunch has rapidly moved into high rotation for us. It’s a matte finish, which we need in this climate, yet it remains lightweight and easy to wear. If you love a ‘your skin but better’ look, it’s a must try. Comes in 12 shades and will set you back Dhs210 at Sephora.

Pinch of Colour Healthy Lips Waterless Lip Oil 

pinch of colour

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who end up buying what’s effectively the same lip colour over and over again. Our main offenders? Orange-red lipsticks, and barely-there pink tints. We’re yet to try this new Pinch of Colour release, but that’s because it’s on its way to us via Cult Beauty. Colour and nourishment in one go is always going to be an appealing combo. Dhs82.

Anastacia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette 

anastacia beverly hills

Yes, look, we know. Everyone’s already got a hundred eye shadow palettes and no one ever finishes them. But look at this new release from Anastacia Beverly Hills and tell us you aren’t dying to work a little something up using Burnt Orange, Sienna and Bronze. Not to mention that Sultry shade… Dhs242 on Nisnass.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

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See, here’s another sheer lip colour you won’t want to stop wearing. Lip Glow has been a favourite for a while now, but with several new shades, we’re even more interested. This is one of the most comfortable balm formulas we’ve ever worn – which it should be, for Dhs166. We’ve got our eyes on the coral shade.

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