With a budding art culture sweeping the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are several noteworthy artists who have made an impact in the creative industry.

From paintings to installations displayed at various exhibitions, these artists are part of the Kingdom’s urban landscape as important messages are conveyed through each piece created.

Manal AlDowayan


From capturing highly skilled women working in her highly acclaimed I Am series (2005) to recording fatal accidents involving women school teachers, Manal Al Dowayan highlights unjust social customs through her pieces while also offering channels for women in the Kingdom through her workshops. By addressing her plea of change through her works of art, Manal has also participated in exhibitions regionally at renowned institutions such as the Sharjah Art Foundation.

To find out more details about her work visit manaldowayan.com

Huda Beydoun


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The Saudi artist and photographer began her career by teaching children with autism and then eventually ventured into her passion for photography. Capturing the images of the lives of illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia, her work was published in a series entitled Documenting The Undocumented. After honing her craft, Huda has also started her own agency.

Mawadah Muhtasib


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Jeddah-based artist Mawdah Muhtasib has always been passionate about art since an early age and has been celebrated for her distinguished paintings across the globe. she also created the first-ever Arabic Calligraffiti typeface that is a combination of Calligraffiti paintings and mirrored Arabic letters. Madwash’s Calligraffiti is a beautiful decorative contemporary Arabic handwritten typeface that is exclusively and exceptionally written from left to right. It is a celebration of a merge of two eras, the legacy of Arabic Calligraphy and the progressiveness of graffiti Art.

To find out more details about her work visit mawadahmuhtasib.com

Noura Bouzo

While not only co-founding the first Arts and Culture magazine in Saudi Arabia and becoming its creative director, Noura is a full-time artist who presents her work at various exhibitions. Known for her most recent exhibition ‘A Miniature (Af)fair, Noura’s works largely cast light on modern Saudi society, making her one of the most playful artists of her time.

To find out more details about her work visit nourabouzo.com

Raeda Ashour


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Specializing in miniatures, motifs and Islamic decorative units, Raeda Ashour uses her strong visual sense to incorporate elements inspired by the old Arabian cities with its famous architectural and aesthetic features, as she closely delves into the subject through her practice. By honing her own style through her background, Raeda is highly respected in the art realm for her impactful work.

For more information visit raedaashour.com

Sarah Al-Abdali


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Emerging as one of the kingdom’s first street artists, Sarah’s work explores Arab culture and Islamic philosophy in every realm through innovative sources of demonstration such as illustration, painting, ceramics, woodwork, drawing and painting. With her deep appreciation for the land and heritage of her home, Abdali experiments with traditional crafts of the Islamic world as seen in exhibitions around the country.

To find more details about her work visit sarahalabdali.com

Lulwah Al-Homoud


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Known as a pioneer in the art industry in Saudi Arabia, Lulwah Al Homoud explores the world of calligraphy and Islamic philosophy carefully through her work. Having published books organizing exhibitions and promoting cross-cultural research, Al Homoud presents a fluid movement through her work which represents both simpleness and complexity, as each piece is balanced.

To find out more details of her work visit lulwahalhomoud.com

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