Tired of your clothes sticking to you every time you step outside? It’s the fabric could be part of the problem, so let’s take a closer look at the tag.

The key thing to remember is that you want fabrics to absorb water. Those that repel moisture show areas of dampness a lot more.

Obviously wool and leather should be stuffed to the back of your wardrobe, but there are a few other textiles that can be reserved for the cooler winter months. Among them is polyester. It might be wrinkle-resistant and affordable, but it’s not breathable and traps your body in the heat. Tackle the sweat by switching to natural fibres like cotton or even cotton polyester blend.

Another culprit of your sweat patches is denim. We know it’s hard to give up jeans, but this heavyweight and durable fabric has zero airflow so instead of suffocating your skin, choose plain weave fabric like chambray. It’s similar to denim, but it is a lot more lightweight and has a higher thread count making it extra breathable.



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A synthetic material nylon is also worth quitting for the summer. Yes, it’s used in sportswear, but it has low breathability and does retain odour. Acrylic fabric is similar, it holds moisture and can feel uncomfortably scratchy on the skin.

The solution? Those living hotter parts of the world have already made linen their summer staple thanks to the natural fibre that helps the heat escape from the body. It does tend to wrinkle a little but everyone swears by this fabric when it comes to feeling as cool as cucumber.

Other firm favourites for the hotter months are silk and jersey. The latter is made from a combination of wool, cotton and synthetic fibres making it super comfortable. Silk is light and airy and has an ability to cool the body temperature down. However, it’s best to stick to looser silhouettes in this heat.

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