Dubai-based fashion extraordinaire Fatma Husam is well-known for her contemporary take on modest dressing, which is exemplified in her latest edit for Marks & Spencer’s this Ramadan.

While displaying a contemporary colour palette through each design, this effortless collection provides versatility to Ramadan dressing, with pieces apt for both dusk and dawn. From shimmering metallics to modern silhouettes, the collection is suitable for all occasions. With neutral staples for Ramadan and opulent pieces for Eid, you’re sure to have a luxurious wardrobe this year.

Emirates Woman sat down with the content creator on what inspired her to create this inspiring collection for Ramadan and Eid this year.

What inspired you to collaborate with Marks & Spencer for this collection?

That would be my love for the brand. Marks & Spencer is so iconic, so I’m incredibly honoured to be working with them. Together we have created a cohesive edit of my looks and signature styles, featuring Summer and occasionwear styles that are timeless with a modern twist and can be worn for Ramadan and Eid.

What is your approach to Ramadan dressing?

Modest and loose flowy dresses across a range of colours and fabrics. This Ramadan Edit is understated yet confident where the pieces champion versatility and celebrate stylish modest dressing, with a variety of quality designs that will take you from day to night with opulence and elegance.

Ramadan Capsule Fatma Husam M&S.

What fueled your passion for fashion over the years?

I love that fashion is never boring and you can always play around with colours and designs to create different looks. Trends change all the time so there’s always something new to experiment with. Also, the way you dress highlights your mood. If you’re dressed in fun and loud colours paired with accessories for example, it says a lot about your personality. I’ve really tried to incorporate this into my edit to create a variety of looks that will set the tone for your mood that day.

Any challenges that you specifically faced while launching the collection and how did you overcome them?

Not at all, all the pieces were fun to style and play around with.

How would you describe your style?

Modest, simple, minimalistic, elegant, and a little edgy. I’m also obsessed with monochrome and loose styles in a muted colour palette, alongside subtle prints, and tonal separates, which you’ll see throughout my Ramadan Edit.

Any tips for dressing during the summer months?

Keep it light, colourful and loose.

What fashion trends having you currently noticed so far?

I’m loving oversized blazers and man-suits at the moment, which are right up my alley. Both are sophisticated and chic, as well as easy to wear and modest.

Ramadan Capsule x Fatma Husam

What has been the overall response received on the collection so far?

The response has been amazing, and I’ve been getting asked whether people can shop this edit from different countries all around the world, so I’m delighted to let everyone know it’s available across the GCC and Egypt with selected summer styles also online.

How do you intend on celebrating Eid this year?

Dressed up, looking my best with family at home (we’re quite a big family). I think after last year’s lockdown, we really started appreciating family time more and we have such a great bond. With everyone becoming a little busy recently, it’s great that Ramadan has brought us all back together again and Eid will be the same.

Discover your Ramadan and Eid wardrobe with Marks & Spencer and Fatma Husam, including exclusive designs for Middle Eastern customers with the collection available in-store or online on

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