As a new year begins, several people are embarking on a new journey filled with positive affirmations and fitness goals. For this month’s issue, some of the most incredible women we know tell us what they will be investing in to optimise their 2022 in our Life 2.0 section.

For Fatma Almheiri, Founder & Creative Director of Venus The Label and Communications Manager at Museum of the Future, she’s ensuring in 2022 she prioritises her time, something that she notes is “priceless yet extremely valuable since time wasted is something that we can never get back”.

The Emirati creative also shared with us what makes her feel most confident in life and how she supports others to do the same.

What will you be investing in for 2022 to optimize your life?

If anything, I actually want to invest in time for myself. Time is priceless yet extremely valuable since time wasted is something that we can never get back. I want to dedicate my time to reading the books I bought over the past two years, to learning new skills as well as practising and perhaps teaching yoga. Something I’ve learnt growing up is that time really is precious. Personally, investing in time also means that I’ll get to enjoy the little things in life like the unrolling of my yoga mat and the smell of freshly-picked blueberries. It’s these simple things that add value to one’s life. Additionally, I want to respect time by turning off unnecessary distractions, taking breaks to clear my mind and most importantly, I want to take the time to care for my body and listen to it. By acknowledging time, I can pause, take a minute to myself and then I can properly continue to grow and thrive. Aside from time, I want to invest in my own life. I want to be able to set my own path and to live by design rather than the default, to not react to whatever comes my way and instead try to take charge of my life and its direction.

This is The Confidence Issue – what makes you feel confident?

My achievements throughout the years, looking back and realizing all that I have already accomplished excites me to move on and go even further. Confidence for me also comes in the shape of acceptance. Not seeking validation from others and surrounding myself with people who have ambitions and goals is key. You are easily affected by your surroundings and it’s important to have the right group of people around you. This is something I have struggled with in the past year and at times, I did feel a major setback in my confidence, but now I know that I’m starting the year with the right people by my side. At the end of the day, I am my own cheerleader. I’m beyond proud of myself for reaching where I am now and I’m ready to take on 2022 with all that it might have in store for me!

How can we support others to feel confident?

Breaking barriers, encouraging people to speak up and to ask questions. I always tell my peers that no question is a silly question, it only means that you want to learn. Another way that I find crucial is by celebrating all wins whether big or small, taking the time to listen and help in identifying each other’s goals as well as showing support throughout a process.

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