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In light of  COVID-19 pandemic as Ramadan approaches, the Emirates Fatwa Council issued a statement clarifying the breaking of fast during the Holy Month.

“The Council urges healthy Muslims to seize the opportunity to fast,” the authority said in their statement, however for those suffering from COVID-19 exemptions will be made.

It has also been ruled that medical staff on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak may be exempted from fasting if they fear it may risk their immune systems, or hinder their ability to treat patients.


Additionally, the council stressed that it is necessary to adhere to the decision issued to extend the decision to close mosques until further notice, encouraging people to perform Eid al-Fitr prayers individually in their homes or in groups with family members without a sermon.

The statement directed Muslims to pay Zakat, where under the current circumstances the council said it would “be better to pay it as quickly as possible” this year to help people suffering from the effects of coronavirus.

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