Leading Indian designer Nidhi Pundir and owner of fine art fashion label Nidzign is causing a stir on the Dubai fashion scene with her playful creations and avant-garde ready-to-wear masterpieces. 



Born and raised in Delhi, India, Nidhi was inspired by fashion and design from a young age as she grew up submerged in a wonder-world of extravagant handmade fabrics. After graduating from the School of Fashion Technology in Pune for advance apparel production and management she gained experience working as a Fashion Merchandiser for an export house and a designer for an Indian couture line before starting up her own cutting edge line, Nidzign.



Nidhi’s state of the art designs are a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles with a focus on eccentric detailing. Individually selecting lavish handmade fabrics from around the globe for their unique characteristics, Nidhi creates dramatic and unforgettable garments for the fashion forward international woman. “I just love to play with the ideas of fabric and structures, so they are more than just pieces of art in my head,” says Nidhi.



Her latest breathtaking collection is a fusion of fine art and textile mastery that speaks elegance and poise. Ethnic and modern influences combine to produce contemporary pieces that feature heavy embroidery, light sheer fabrics and stunning tie-dye prints.



Nidhi truly masters the art of re-evaluating couture and deconstructing contemporary lines to design wearable avant-garde garments, handpicking the exquisite materials from around the globe and offering complimentary alterations to her clients.  To view Nidhi’s latest collection visit nidzign.com