Fashion Q&A

Junior Fashion Editor Alexandra Venison on stylish white heels (yes, they exist) and how to wear luxe fabrics.

Q.) With the weather finally cooling I’ve managed to get myself a really great tan. I hear a lot of people say white heels are ‘tacky’ but after seeing so many celebrities rocking them I want to give them a try myself. Thoughts?

A.) You’ve answered this one yourself! As long as you have a tan to show off, and confidence in your stride, white heels are a hot commodity. We love the point to add a touch of class to any outfit and have two options here for all budgets. After all if the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba are rocking them, you cant go wrong.

Fashion Q&A, Gianvitto Rossi, Asos

L-R: High heel Dhs2,071 Gianvito Rossi at, Mid heel Dhs146


Q.) I love all the glossy materials gracing the catwalks at the moment. The only problem is I’m slightly dubious about how to wear them. What are my options?

A.) Never double gloss. As long as you always go by the rule, one piece per ensemble, and you can’t really go wrong. For example opt for the Marc By Marc Jacobs blue skirt but team it with a neutral blouse and heels. If you are new to the trend, then there are also pieces out there perfect for beginners like this Dion Lee panel dress.

Fashion Q7A, Marc Jacobs, Dio Lee

L-R: Skirt Dhs1,990 Marc By Marc Jacobs, Dress Dhs3,655 Dio Lee

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Main image: Zara A/W14 collection