lingerieLingerie made of gold? Yes you read it right, Rococo Dessous have created the world’s first 24 carat gold thread lingerie sets. Hand woven in New York City the exclusive, extravagant undergarments are on the market for Dhs23,000.

Taking inspiration from royal and imperial houses of past, the Rococo Dessous  collections are named after famous empresses Alexandra, Cleopatra and Marie Antionette.

Some may expect garish and over the top designs, however the luxurious bras and pants prove sceptics wrong as the 24 carat gold wire and intricate gold embroideries prove to be both elegant and modern, combining true craftsmanship with impeccable design

With prices starting from Dhs9,000, each piece made-to-order, comes with a unique number and if the customer desires, added extras such as peals and diamonds our available for customisation.