Kenzo and toilet paper are two words you don’t see often in the same sentence. But when we received word that the fashion house has collaborated with quirky art-based magazine Toilet Paper for their new season advertising campaign it quickly became clear.

The surreal images showcase miniature models pinned to a butterfly board, enjoying a piggyback ride on the hand of a very well manicured giant and a bizarre looking pair of feet.


The new campaign is largely down to Kenzo Creative Directors, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the duo who are know for reviving Kenzo in recent years and also the pair you can thank for creating the sell-out tiger print sweaters.

We’re loving Kenzo’s wacky mix of high fashion and art, we say bring on the weird and wonderful! What do you think?

Available at The Kenzo Boutique, The Dubai Mall (04) 3308455