Whilst the rain was a defining feature of Fashion Forward Season 7 Day Two, there was a lot more going on besides the umbrella politics and questionable wellies.

If you didn’t get the chance to make it to day two of Fashion Forward Season 7, fear not. Here’s everything you need to know…

April Showers

Yes, it’s Dubai, yes, it’s April, and yes, it rained. But look at it this way, it was an opportunity to showcase our winter fashion wardrobe for a change. Precipitation opens up a whole new dimension of possibility, no? Serious snaps to whoever d3 got to clamber ontop of Hall 4 when it was raining inside during one of the talks. From what we could make out via a rather hazy shadow, they came to the rescue with some kind of squeegee contraption and a bucket. So whizzy, these fashion folk.

Fashion Forward Season 7

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Feelgood Fashion

Between the designers flaunting their wares in the showcase and today’s talk; Why Ethical Fashion Matters, it was all about socially responsible style at Fashion Forward Day Two. Sarah’s Bags, the quirky Lebanese accessories brand that’s been picked up by net-a-porter.com and matchesfashion.com to name just two, prides itself on utilising the hand-sewing skills of imprisoned women in Beirut. Vanina, another label we came across today, crafts its jewellery and bags from upcycled tin cans and non-biodegradable plastic bags. Fashion cares was the message – megaphoned in the talk between Sarah of Sarah’s bags and Caterina Occhio of SeeME, a fairtrade jewellery brand made by women who were victims of domestic violence. “Behind everything you’re wearing here today, there are hands and there are people,” Caterina said. “Every time you buy a piece of clothing you cast a vote.” Some serious food for thought.

Vanina jewellery , Fashion Forward Season 7 day two round up

Vanina jewellery in the showcase

Vanina bags i, Fashion Forward Season 7 day two round up

Vanina bags in the showcase

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Arab Pride

Who can resist a little bit of hometown repping? Keffiyeh motifs made a big play for our attention, from sprinkled on Sarah’s Bags’ clutches in the form of bugle beading (she also did Backgammon and Dubai-print styles), to on the backs of the ladies and gents who traversed the puddles in the courtyard. Azzam Salim’s embroidered white shirts also offered a collection of stories from Arab craftswomen, bringing the tales from their villages to life. A nice complement to yesterday’s camel prints seen at Taller Marmo.

Fashion Forward Season 7

Sarah's Bags in the showcase Fashion Forward Season 7

Sarah’s Bags in the showcase

Fashion Forward Season 7

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Who’s That Girl?

No, it wasn’t Rihanna roaming d3 today, it was up-and-coming fashion blogger Parvané Barret who, in our eyes, easily took the crown for best dressed. She showed us all how its done in a thrifted football jersey worn as a dress, nose ring and seedy 1970s-style glasses. We predict big things for her – we even got her to road test one of spring/summer 2016’s trickiest trends for our current issue, available now.

Fashion Forward Season 7

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Heads Up

If you ask us, headwear is such an underused arena in the accessory world, so we were pleased to see fedoras, turbans and baseball caps aplenty bobbing around among the crowd today. Big tick for the girl at the bottom whose furry Charlotte Simone Sass cap made our hearts beat a little bit faster.

Fashion Forward Season 7 Fashion Forward Season 7 Fashion Forward Season 7 Fashion Forward Season 7

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Girl Gang

Bad-girl leathers were out in force both off and on the catwalk today – prime examples were jewellery designer Nadine Kanso’s dragon-embellished biker, Lama Jouni’s leather-clad seductresses and Pervers’ sporty incarnations, proving once again what we all know already – that it feels good to be bad.

Fashion Forward Season 7

Lama Jouni catwalk

Fashion Forward Season 7

Pervers catwalk

Fashion Forward Season 7

Nadina Kanso

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Je Suis Féministe

We did a small whoop on the inside (possibly on the outside, too) when Bashar Assaf came out to do his catwalk bow. Dressed in a hole-riddled, punk-style T-shirt with the word ‘Feminist’ scrawled across it in black marker pen, we bet his grandmother – who the show was dedicated to – would’ve been proud.

Bashar Assaf catwalk, Fashion Forward Season 7

Bashar Assaf catwalk

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The Shirt 2.0

The white shirt has been enjoying a major resurgence of late, but not as you know it. Designers and industry folk alike celebrated this most classic of capsule items but, naturally, with a twist. Azzam Salim’s debut collection of balloon-sleeve, embroidered shirts came along first today, then Bougessa’s androgynous, demure styles and finally Sotra’s softened, feminine take. It’s the piece that keeps on giving.

Azzam Salim catwalk Azzam Salim catwalk

Azzam Salim catwalk

Bouguessa catwalk Fashion Forward Season 7

Bouguessa catwalk

Sotra catwalk Fashion Forward Season 7

Sotra catwalk


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Images: Farooq Salik and Getty