Originally from the Philippines, Furne One is the designer and owner of Amato Haute Couture. Furne won the MEGA Magazine Young Designer of the Philippines Award in 1994 following which he was offered an apprenticeship a New York design house.

In 2002, Furne opened his first boutique, Amato, in Dubai, to provide his clientele with an array of hand-stitched designs and intricately detailed creations. Amato boasts a long list of international clientele that includes Heidi Klum, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger, and Amber Rose.

Furne crafts extravagant and artistic designs covering everything from bridal wear to prêt-a-porter. Amato Haute Couture’s signature style uses a mix of rich textures and lavish materials with a heavy emphasis on luxurious detailing and embellishment.



Photography: Victor Besa