After the spectacular first day at Fashion Forward Season Two, we were very excited to see what would come next. Day two had a very different pace, but by no means did it disappoint.

Interestingly, it seems that all the designers from day two have tapped into a common inspiration consciousness. Many of the same themes were evident throughout all the shows, but each with a very unique style and flair.

1.Fotor01017112732 Hema Kaul kicked off the day’s shows. Exquisite lace detailing and an emphasis on fitted waistlines gave the collection a modern, feminine feel.  The introduction of black among the softer pastel tones gave a dramatic twist.

1.Fotor01017112826 Reem Al Kanhal continued the theme of dreamy femininity. Her relaxed fits together with a special focus on please and gathers reminded us of beautiful bows and sublime comfort.

1.Fotor01017112640 Dubai based Dima Ayad, showcased bold pops of colour worked together with a signature monochrome print giving the collection an overall punchy and energetic feel.

1.Fotor01017112953 When walking into the Toujouri show we were pleasantly surprised by the smell of the fresh flower garlands. This floral theme was evident in each garment with intricate detailing in beadwork or embroidery.

1.Fotor01017112912 Each Madiyah Al Sharqi garment worked together a delightful and unexpected mix of textures, from the most delicate sheer fabric to a structured waffle weave. A clever variation on length gave the collection an overall sense of playfulness.

1.Fotor01017112533 The Charbel Zoe haute couture collection closed the day with a dose of high detail and drama. Exceptional beadwork and daring cuts gave the show a theatrical edge.  

Half way through Fashion Forward, we know the energy is set to continue right through to the end!