Frequent flyer Alison Tay reveals how to be an on-trend traveller, not an in-flight fashion disaster 

After a blissful break in a relaxing retreat, hidden in the verdant hillsides of Koh Samui, the inner peace I’d found was instantly ruined by the crimes against couture I witnessed as soon as I checked in for my flight home.

Worst offenders included butt-cheek-baring hot pants that would’ve raised a few eyebrows in an aerobics class, let alone an airport terminal, a novelty animal onesie, and unsuccessful attempts at finding the right bra to wear with a halter-neck maxi-dress.

No one wants their style choices to be in-flight entertainment for all the wrong reasons, so follow my fashion formula to give your long-haul look an instant upgrade.

If it resembles beachwear, it belongs back in your suitcase. That means bikinis, crochet cover-ups and jelly shoes. Steer clear of strapless. In fact, any look that requires secret support is not your friend right now – there’s a time and place to show off your tan. This isn’t it.

Save your maxi-dress for your destination. When you’re wrangling your monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase off the carousel without being swamped by yards of fabric, you’ll thank me for it. Likewise, Louboutins and a luggage allowance don’t mix. Ditto with your crop tops – no matter how many stomach crunches you’ve done. And that classy white shift dress of yours may not seem like such a good idea when you hit turbulence at 40,000ft clutching an Americano.

My go-to look for globetrotting glamour is a punchy printed pyjama pant smartened up with a structured jacket and super-sized shades to whip out and turn jetlag into a style statement.

Written by Alison Tay