Heading off to New York, London, Milan and Paris for the hotly anticipated international Fashion Weeks? Emirates Woman brings you the savvy girl’s guide to stylish packing.

So many options, so little room. It’s a crisis every girl faces when she pulls out her suitcase and begins to fill it with her holiday essentials – after all, you haven’t been scanning the rails and the internet for the ultimate holiday outfits just to leave them behind. So, this is where you have to get clever. This is where planning and ruthless eliminating will work in your favour. It’s taken years of practise and many mistakes (you don’t need 12 pairs of shoes for a week) for us ladies in-the-know to be able to share these savvy tricks on how to save on space, but not style.


1. Reversible bikini Dhs1,195 Missoni Mare 2. Reversible necklace Dhs4,694 Yves Saint Laurent vintage at farfetch.com 3. Reversible skirt Dhs1,615 Toga Pulla at matchesfashion.com 4. Reversible tote Dhs5,418 Valentino


1. Metallic scarf Dhs1,800 Lanvin 2. Marble scarf Dhs650 Diane Von Furstenberg 3. Multicolour scarf Dhs1,028 Vivienne Westwood 4. Oversized scarf Dhs1,719 Ann Demeulemeester at farfetch.com 5. Beige scarf Dhs790 Sportmax at matchesfashion.com



No longer grandma fashion, brooches are having a major comeback. Light and relatively small, add to a necklace or use it to pin a scarf creation for instant charm.


Clockwise: Bug brooch Dhs742 Dsquared2 , Fur brooch Dhs2,189 Fendi, Multicolour brooch Dhs1,366 Shourouk at farfetch.com, Perspex brooch Dhs1,836 Marni, Flower brooch Dhs2,670 Lanvin



Make a list and check it twice. This way you won’t be forgetting those little things you may otherwise forget.

Pack early and edit, edit, edit. We never get things perfect first time round, and this applies for packing too.

Organise. Invest in weightless mesh bags – you’ll thank us later.

Minimise. Consider how long you’re going for and what you can downsize on.

Roll it up, flatten it out. If it’s small keep it flat, if its bulky roll it up.

Fewer clothes, more accessories. They change an outfit in seconds.

Ditch the shoes. How many do you really need? It’s closer to three than 30.

One evening bag. Neutral or metallic and matching the one pair of heels you’ve packed.

Layer up. It’ll surprise you how an outfit can transform by adding a single layer.

Colour theme. The key is to mix and match without looking like a rainbow

Images: Aigner S/S14 and supplied