And it comes via a Middle Eastern designer…

She’s one of our all-time red carpet favourites, and Fan Bingbing has just done it again.

Her latest look – a romantic, delicate, mint-coloured silk tulle number – was made by Lebanon’s Georges Hobeika. We’re in love.

Bingbing has an affinity for Middle Eastern style, often wearing Hobeika’s countryman Elie Saab, and with this gown, she’s offered us another excellent example.

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Here’s a look at the whole thing. Drink it in.

Points to note are the just-so neckline, the dainty embroidery descending Bingbing’s skirt, and of course, those diamonds. She was attending a Debeers event, after all. They’re an absolute must.

What we’re working with here is some old-school glamour, presented in a fresh, flattering way. Bingbing’s outfit doesn’t look overcooked, and considering those aforementioned diamonds, it easily could.

This is masterful work, and the I Am Not Madame Bovary star wears it so well.

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When Bingbing shared images from the event on Instagram, she said she was glad to attend.

“Enjoying the lovely weather and friends here!” the Chinese actress wrote.

While we’re thinking of beautiful gowns by Hobeika, how about remembering this beaded silver number on Amber Heard back in January?

amber heard

How about that drama, and the fit. Hobeika’s artistry is considerable.

We’ll keep you up to date as the hits keep coming in terms of Middle East designers crushing it on the world stage.

Images: Georges Hobeika/Instagram, Getty